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Spring Cleaning is the Perfect Time for Home Inventory

Getting organized is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions and, for those getting a late start, spring cleaning is a great opportunity for redemption. For a first step that pays dividends down the road, McCabe Group recommends creating a home inventory. It’s one of the most important things consumers can do to get organized and, in addition to having proper homeowners’ or renters’... Read Article

Are You Ready for Spring?

Spring Ahead & Check Your Smoke Detectors  It’s been a long, rough winter. Throughout the Midwest, residents are ready for a new season! We have already enjoyed the first sign of the approaching change – springing the clock forward an hour in accordance with Daylight Savings Time. McCabe Group Insurance Agency also encourages homeowners to treat this event as a critical reminder for checking and... Read Article

Lower Your Auto Insurance Costs

The holiday season has come and gone. You've emptied your wallet shopping for gifts and now you may find yourself searching for ways to save money in the new year. Reviewing your auto insurance coverage and making any changes me be able to provide you a little relief. Click here to read The Motley Fool's article offering 7 easy ways to lower your insurance costs. When... Read Article

Last Minute Holiday Shopping is Upon Us!

It's about that time - the days are winding down and every minute brings us closer to Christmas. With several stores offering extended hours, or some - like Kohl's - staying open 24/7 the last minute shopper has many options. Check out this article below from US News, which offers 7 last-minute shopping tips that may help if you've only just begun to tackle a... Read Article