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Category: Car Insurance

Lower Your Auto Insurance Costs

The holiday season has come and gone. You've emptied your wallet shopping for gifts and now you may find yourself searching for ways to save money in the new year. Reviewing your auto insurance coverage and making any changes me be able to provide you a little relief. Click here to read The Motley Fool's article offering 7 easy ways to lower your insurance costs. When...

Am I Covered If I Drive My Friend’s Car?

Auto Insurance Questions and Answers For Young Drivers Young drivers inherit many responsibilities when they turn the key, shift into gear and hit the open road.  In addition to the importance of learning and practicing safe driving skills, new motorists also need to know the particulars of their auto insurance coverage. Laws may vary by state, but some basic information will go a long way...

What Happens When You Crash a Rental Car?

It's a question to which most of us hope we never learn the answer. The link below, from AOL Autos, shares writer Terry Ward's experience and advice after she did over $9,000 worth of damage to her rental car. Read this before you rent your next vehicle and always double check with your credit card company and/or auto insurance provider prior to travel.