Deer Safety

With Thanksgiving just a day away, it bears repeating – cars and deer can be a lethal combination. Deer migration and mating season generally runs from October through December, and causes a dramatic increase in the movement of the deer population. As a result, more deer-vehicle collisions occur in this period than at any other time of year, so drivers need to be especially cautious,... Read Article

How to Control Costs on Homeowner’s Insurance

Feel like your property insurance premium is too high? Looking for ways to lower it? Check out this link for tips on controlling the costs of your homewoner’s insurance. As always, if you have any questions or are looking for a homeowner’s insurance quote – give McCabe Group Insurance a call at 414-326-9337!      ... Read Article

Know What’s Under Your Roof Before Disaster Strikes

Prepare for the unexpected with an updated home inventory list  Catastrophes can happen suddenly and without warning – damaging or destroying your home along with all the contents inside. In the aftermath of such a devastating event, would you know where to begin in picking up the pieces and starting over? Could you list and describe your possessions so they could be replaced? Andrew McCabe... Read Article

College Students: Make Sure Your Stuff is Covered!

As millions of students pack bags, crates and trunks with their most valuable possessions and head to colleges and universities this fall, many probably aren’t thinking about what might happen after they arrive. With a full load of classes, exams and social events on their minds, students may not give much thought about protecting their clothes, electronic gadgets and other valuables in their new “homes... Read Article

Let’s Talk Life Insurance!

Anrew McCabe Puts to Rest Common Myths About Life Insurance A recent survey by LIMRA International1 shows that one third of adults in the U.S. have no life insurance.  Those with coverage, the study also showed, have far less than most experts recommend for a secure financial future for their families. For most consumers, buying life insurance can be a tough decision, and myths about... Read Article