Are You Ready for Spring?

Spring Ahead & Check Your Smoke Detectors  It’s been a long, rough winter. Throughout the Midwest, residents are ready for a new season! We have already enjoyed the first sign of the approaching change – springing the clock forward an hour in accordance with Daylight Savings Time. McCabe Group Insurance Agency also encourages homeowners to treat this event as a critical reminder for checking and... Read Article

Christmas Tree Safety Tips For A Brighter Holiday

If you haven’t already noticed – the Christmas season is upon us! For many people, decorating the Christmas tree is a favorite part of the holiday that adds to the spirit of Christmas. However, with the addition of a Christmas tree to your home, the risk of fire and other household accidents increases. Each year home fires and other accidents during the holiday season injure... Read Article

Will You Be Ready When One Darts in Front of Your Car?

Sharpen your awareness of deer on the road and avoid potential collisions We’re in the thick of deer season (October through December). More deer-vehicle collisions happen during these months than at any other time of the year.  With sizeable movements in the deer population this season, many of these beautiful animals unfortunately wind up on roadways big and small – posing sudden hazards to unsuspecting... Read Article

Tips For A Safe Halloween

Every year at Halloween, children envision ghosts, goblins, and the possibility of amassing a treasure trove of candy. On the other hand, concerned parents worry about their children’s safety during this yearly candy-gathering ritual. “Halloween is a cherished tradition, but the excitement of the night can cause children to forget to be careful,” says Andrew McCabe of McCabe Group Insurance. “There’s no real ‘trick’ to... Read Article

Do You Know The Value Of Your Belongings?

Protecting Your Property Is A Priority For Renters Too  If your apartment burns down or is burglarized, would you have money to replace your personal belongings? Most renters don’t realize their landlord’s insurance covers only the building structure and not tenants’ possessions. Plus, how many college students living in off-campus apartments even think about renters insurance?  Believe it or not – you can protect all... Read Article